Humans dwelled in darkness an age ago , yet they unleashed themselves from the realm of doom , for a brighter age.

We fought  , we won and survived because deep in the hearts of men they believed ,

                 “WE MAY SOMEDAY”.

The humans are mightier than the mountains tall & rivers carved out from the feet of heaven itself.

Like the matriculation is served only after the ripening of eleven years of schooling , 

the age of humans is served to the mother Earth after the ages of mightier , tougher , metallic creation , a plethora of beings which came and perished ,

though through the eyes of humans , greater than his own race , but through the eyes of reality , the humans stand undefeated , the wisest , the purist of all creation.

We are blessed with powers serene and we may someday wield it.

                   “WE MAY SOMEDAY”.

Hope is all what we require , but we failed to see what lies within , the longings of this world have made us weak , the temptations is what we are talking about , as we succumb to it.

From the fruit to which Adam was drawn ,     to the blade to which the Kings were drawn, to the women & coin & blood to which the Greeks and Romans were drawn ,                      to the throne to which the Kins  were drawn,

   -abandoning the very essence of humanity.

Yet , there is Hope…A Hope that we may someday , 

                    “WE MAY SOMEDAY”

Like the sperm knowing its fate of death awaiting , yet one reaches the wall & evolves life , and an AGE , ANOTHER begins ,               like the flame about to perish in the winds of frost , yet it sustains…

Hope is what we are talking about”

We may think we are low , tempted , weak…yet , we are….we are the greatest creation of the almighty,,,                                   destined for a more fairer cause , 

All what is needed of us is the acquaintance of our soul , the fire within our hearts , the acknowledgement of our  creation…

Hope – the ARKENSTONE of all the human strengths should be kept alive , as ,                   WE MAY SOMEDAY-

                  “WE MAY SOMEDAY WIN“.


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